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Dance Sensations is a fun place to learn about the art and love of dance. Dance Sensations offers classes in every style including Ballet, Point, Hip Hop, Jazz, Musial Theatre, Acrobatics, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acting and Tap. Students may begin dancing at just 2 years old and we offer many classes for adults only. We are very proud of our 2-4 yr old classes offered in Ballet/Tap, Hip Hop and Acrobatics.

We are very proud of the studio we have built on mostly recommendations. Our students return each September excited and ready to learn something new. We enjoy challenging our students and watching them grow. It has been such a wonderful experience to watch each and every one of our dancers blossom over the years and we are very proud of how many students have stayed with us year after year.  

I would like to welcome all of our new dancers and their families to Dance Sensations and I would like to thank all of our returning families for joining us again. I know each year will be better than the last and I know I speak for my entire staff when I say we are all very excited to begin a new year with all of you!


Dance Sensations opened their doors for the first time in June of 2007 under the direction of Dina Canepa. Starting with no students and only two teachers other then herself, Dina was able to build Dance Sensations into what it is today, a family of over 300 students and 15 staff members (teachers, assistants, volunteers and receptionists).

Miss Dina prides herself on the education and experience Dance Sensations offers. Unlike many other schools the dance education provided to each student is personalized and thorough. There is no difference in the education experience given in a “non-competitive” class when compared to a “competitive” class. Miss Dina understands the importance of keeping class fun and entertaining to enhance the learning process.  In Miss Dina’s words “I am proud to say that 97 percent of all new students are recommended by existing students. This makes me feel good knowing that our families are so proud to be a part of this school that they recommend us and talk about us to other people.”

Dance Sensations has a young, fresh staff who are constantly keeping up with the times. Miss Dina encourages her staff members to take class and attend dance conventions to keep their knowledge of dance and technique up to date. “I feel with New York City so close, the dance capital of the world pretty much, there is no reason for us not to take advantage of all that is out there. It is so important that my staff and I stay fresh. Dance, just like anything else changes with the times. Plus, we don’t want to get rusty.”

Dance Sensations is very often referred to as a “family atmosphere”.  The Dance Sensations parents say that they do not feel like just another costumer lost in the crowd. “Miss Dina knows each and every one of her students personally.” Said miss Cami Russo a mother at Dance Sensations when asked how she felt about Miss Dina’s relationship with the students. Dance Sensations is a place where students no matter the age come to learn and have fun and always leave feeling good.

Interview and article done June 2010, Melissa Young


Tapping into her childhood, Islander found dance studio
By Barton Horowitz
October 07, 2009

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- GREAT KILLS -- Like many Staten Island youngsters, Dina Canepa was enrolled in a
dance school when she was not much bigger than a tot. But unlike the majority of pre-school dancers, she
has continued to embrace the art into adulthood. Dancing since the age of 2, the now 21-year-old Great Kills native and Annadale resident is the owner of Dance Sensations dance studio in Great Kills. Dina, who has long enjoyed instructing others in dance, founded the school at 249 Nelson Ave., in June 2007.“I absolutely love to teach,” she said. “If this wasn’t happening for me, I would have been a pre-school teacher.”Dina’s students, who range in age from 2 through adult, choose from a variety of styles, including jazz, tap,
modern, lyrical, ballet, acro, hip-hop, musical theater and contemporary. Each June, they display their talent
and skill in a school wide recital. The next one, in 2010, will take place at the Williamson Theatre on the
campus of the College of Staten Island, Willowbrook. A graduate of the Petrides School, Sunnyside, Dina returns each year with her students, who perform during an annual fund-raiser in the battle against breast cancer. Dina is not the only entrepreneur in her family. She said she was inspired by her parents, Theresa and Nicholas, to try her hand at business.“They taught me a lot about business and got me started,” Dina said of her parents, who have operated Finest Kitchens, Rossville, for two decades.

By Barton Horowitz
October 07, 2009

South Shore dance teachers prepare for a new season of tutus and turns
Kacey L. Semler
Thursday, September 02, 2010

SOUTH SHORE - For educators and students, the month of September signals the start of a new academic year, with freshly sharpened pencils and crisp, unused notebooks. But, for those in the dancing school scene on Staten Island, the month kicks off a season of chasses, pirouettes and riff ball changes. It means preparing a different type of classroom, filled with mirrors and barres, and sizing eager youngsters for their new tutus or tap shoes. And, while every school offers the essentials of tap, ballet and jazz, and ends the year with a recital — more so a showcase of their students — they are all different in approach. Some take dedicated companies to competitions throughout the country, while others perform at local nursing homes. Each has something unique to offer, but each one has the same goal: To promote a beautiful and expressive form of art to its students.

Dance Sensations is located at 249 Nelson Ave., in Great Kills. It is owned and directed by Dina Canepa. The competitive, co-ed school opened in 2007. Classes are offered in tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, hip hop, modern, contemporary, acro, and musical theater. There are 400 students enrolled, who range in age from two through adult.

In Ms. Canepa’s own words: “Dance Sensations provides a fun learning experience in a family atmosphere.”

Kacey L. Semler

Salute those who nurture self-confidence
Sunday, October 24, 2010

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- World of Women (W.O.W.) will present the first Dance Oscars of Staten Island. The Red Carpet event will take place on Nov. 7, at 2 p.m. at the College of Staten Island Center for the Arts in Springer Hall, Willowbrook. Tickets are $20. For reservations, call 718-948-8175; also available through participating dance schools.

Proceeds from the event will help with W.O.W.'s domestic violence prevention program which emphasizes prevention through workshops and seminars with schools and community organizations. Dance Oscars is a tribute to dance instructors for their commitment to instilling self esteem in young people through the art of dance In gratitude for their talent and dedication, WOW will be honoring the following teachers and mentors: Dina Canepa, Dance Sensations, Great Kills… W.O.W. member Donna Maxon, aka Bette Midler, will be working the Red Carpet. Vito Picone of The Elegants will be presenting the Oscars along with other surprise celebrity presenters. Joan Jeanne Lamberti of VizzaV Events is director of the show. Chairing the event is Pat Caltabiano, founder and executive director of W.O.W.

Dance Sensations Dance Studio
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