Our Company Uniform

Company Uniform (MANDATORY)

  All female company members are required to have:

One ROYAL Blue Leotard

One HOT Orange Leotard

One Black Leotard

Pink Stirrup Tights

Ballet Shoes- Body Wrappers- Style- 246A (Adult) 246C (Child) Color: PEACH

**Shorts are never permitted in Ballet Class

**Hair is to be pulled back in a secure ponytail or bun for ALL classes

All male company members are required to have:

-One ROYAL Blue Tank Top (No Graphics or Words)

-One HOT Orange Tank Top (No Graphics or Words)

-One Black Tank Top (No Graphics or Words)

-Black Basketball Shorts (No Graphics or Words)

-Ballet Shoes- Body Wrappers- Style- 246A (Adult) 246C (Child) Color: Black (to be worn with black socks)

Each day will have be a different color

Students are to wear their uniform to ALL COMPANY CLASSES

For Hip Hop students MUST add sweat pants and sneakers

For all other styles (Other than ballet) students may add black shorts

Day and Color (All students will need ALL 3 Colors)

Monday- Black

Tuesday- Orange

Wednesday- Blue

Thursday- Black

Friday- Orange

Saturday- Blue

Sunday (Academy Students Only)- Academy Leotard & Pink Stirrup Tights

Shoe Requirements: MUST BE WORN IN CLASS

All Jazz & Musical Theatre Classes- Capezio Jazz Shoe- Style EJ2 in Black & Carmel

All Tap Classes- Bloch- Style Number 0388 in Tan

All Contemporary & Lyrical Classes- “Dance Paws” in Light Nude

Classes Rules and Requirements

-Water is the only beverage permitted in class

-Snacks will be thrown out

-Cellphones, if seen will be taken away and placed in the CELL PHONE BASKET and returned after class

-Attendance and Uniform will be taken extremely seriously

-Students will be removed from any routine they have exceed their absences in

Performance/Competition Uniform:

-Dance Sensations Jacket – must be purchased online August 1st to ensure its arrival before first intensive – Girls must purchase the bedazzled jacket

-Black shorts

ALL components of your uniform are available at:


Password : dsds

Students have until August 15th to have all proper attire – After that anyone not in proper uniform will lose an absence