About Us

Dance Sensations opened their doors for the first time in June of 2007 under the direction of Dina Canepa. Starting with no students and only two teachers other than herself, Dina was able to build Dance Sensations into what it is today, a family of over 300 students and 15 staff members (teachers, assistants, volunteers and receptionists).

Miss Dina prides herself on the education and experience Dance Sensations offers. Unlike many other schools the dance education provided to each student is personalized and thorough. There is no difference in the education experience given in a “non-competitive” class when compared to a “competitive” class. Miss Dina understands the importance of keeping class fun and entertaining to enhance the learning process. In Miss Dina’s words “I am proud to say that 97 percent of all new students are recommended by existing students. This makes me feel good knowing that our families are so proud to be a part of this school that they recommend us and talk about us to other people.”

Dance Sensations has a young, fresh staff who are constantly keeping up with the times. Miss Dina encourages her staff members to take class and attend dance conventions to keep their knowledge of dance and technique up to date. “I feel with New York City so close, the dance capital of the world pretty much, there is no reason for us not to take advantage of all that is out there. It is so important that my staff and I stay fresh. Dance, just like anything else changes with the times. Plus, we don’t want to get rusty.”

Dina Christine Canepa